Trusts are confidential legal entities for structuring ownership of assets to secure benefits of wealth. They are tailored to meet each individuals and/or families needs. They allow for flexible control of assets thus allowing families to obtain current and future benefits. They provide for a number of benefits including: confidentiality, wealth preservation and growth for the next generation, avoidance of complex and lengthy probate proceedings and maintenance of assets for those who cannot hold them (i.e. minors).

If you’ve already created a trust in CARIFTZ, we also offer a superb choice of commercial property, office buildings and storage to rent, hire or lease, to suit any size and type of business.

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·The Best International Financial Centre
·The Bahamas International Securities Exchange(BISX)
·The 3rd leading destination for Canadian direct investment abroad ·No-tax offshore vehicles (IBCs) are available
·No need to set up an entity office
·Focus on attracting inward industrial and tourist investment
·LLC(Limited Liability Company) Legislation
·Concentrate on offshore asset protection
·No currency exchange and transfer of Funds.
·No foreign exchange restrictions
Type of Law common common common common Nevis International Exempt Trust Ordinance, 1994, as amended.
Double Taxation Treaty Access no yes no no yes
Taxation on Foreign Income no yes(1-3%) / no no
Minimum Assets Required no none USD 1 / There is no minimum monetary amount for assets held upon trust, but the trust must have a corpus.
Audit Requirements no if assets or income >US$2M no no no
Headline Tax Rates CIT 0% , PIT 0%, VAT 7.5% CIT 15% , PIT 20-35%, VAT 0% CIT 0%, PIT 0%, VAT 0% CIT 0% (resident companies 35%), PIT 0%, VAT 0% CIT 0% (resident companies 35%), PIT 0%, VAT 0%