Foundations have the characteristics of both trusts and companies. Comparable to trusts, foundations may be established by Charter or by Will and may have beneficiaries and be used to avoid forced heirship in other jurisdictions. However, unlike trusts, they do not have the number of years of accumulated precedents. Like companies, foundations have limited liability and must be registered.

If you’ve already established a foundation in CARIFTZ, we also offer a superb choice of commercial property, office buildings and storage to rent, hire or lease, to suit any size and type of business.

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·The Best International Financial Centre
·The Bahamas International Securities Exchange(BISX)
·No currency exchange and transfer of Funds.
·Common law legal system based on English law
·No foreign exchange restrictions

· The foundation is a tax free entity — exempt from all local taxes and duties.

· The foundation may open, own and operate bank accounts; they may buy and sell real estate.


 · Tax free entity — exempt from all local taxes and duties.

· Arbitration tribunals are permitted.

· Specific laws for protection of assets including exclusion of foreign judgment laws.

· The fifth largest financial services center in the world.

· Numerous tax-free incentives with minimal financial regulation and oversight.

Type of Law Common Law Multiform Foundations Ordinance, 2004 Anguilla Foundation Act International Foundations Act The Foundation Companies Law
Limited Liability yes A multiform foundation is a self-owned structure and a legal person, which can initiate and defend legal actions. yes yes yes
Foundation Capital Minimum
(equivalent in currency)

USD10000 or the equivalent in any other currency


none US$10,000 US$10,000 US$10,000
Minimum Number of
Council Members
(1) 2 natural persons, or
(2) 1 legal person and one more natural persons,or
(3)one more legal person
1 legal or natural person 1 1 1
Headline Tax Rates CIT 0% , PIT 0%, VAT 7.5% CIT 0% (resident companies 35%), PIT 0%, VAT 0% CIT 0% , PIT 0%, VAT 0% CIT 0% , PIT 0%, VAT 0% CIT 0% , PIT 0%, VAT 0%