International Business Company

IBC is an offshore company that is generally exempt from all types of taxes, and mostly used for investment and is a vehicle for international commerce.

International business corporation has the same power as a local company and can engage in different businesses and investment activities worldwide but benefiting from tax exemption. The international business corporation does not have the restrictions or excessive regulations as domestic companies, however with one exception that an IBC cannot exercise business activity in the jurisdiction of its incorporation.

Offshore companies can be used for (and not limited to) trading, e-commerce, foreign exchange, shipping, export, distribution, manufacturing, investing in stock, bonds, real estate and banking and insurance (as long as licensed to do so). An offshore company can do business virtually anywhere in the world.

The International Business Company helps investors and businesses to:

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Lower tax obligations
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Protect assets
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Invest tax free
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Increase your privacy

If you’ve already registered an IBC in CARIFTZ, we also offer a superb choice of commercial property, office buildings and storage to rent, hire or lease, to suit any size and type of business.

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IBC Incorporation Facts

Type of corporate vehicle: IBCs include licensed and non- licensed corporations. Licensed institutions are limited to international banks, trust, insurance corporation and interactive gaming and wagering companies.
Incorporation time scale: Within 24 hours for non-licensed IBCs
Resident Directors required for licensed IBCs: No
Minimum number of Directors: One
Directors’ meetings required: Yes
Beneficial ownership disclosure: No
Shareholder disclosure: No
Minimum number of Shareholders: One
No-par value shares allowed: Yes
Public shares registered: No
Audit required: Yes (for licensed institutions)
Foreign currency accounting allowed: Yes

IBC Incorporation Facts



-BVI tax haven as offshore jurisdiction: The BVI is one of the world’s most important tax havens, and the fact that it is not higher on TJN’s Financial Secrecy Index.
-No-tax offshore vehicles (IBCs) are available.
-No need to set up an entity office.


-The Antigua International Business Companies Act was passed in 1982 with many amendments over the years which have helped make the Antigua Company more modern and competitive.
-An Antigua company can be incorporated by persons of any nationality but a registered agent must be used for company registration as stipulated by the Antigua Companies Law.
-Registered agents in the tax haven of Antigua are mainly lawyers, accountants and trust companies.
-Antigua International Business Companies are supervised and regulated by the Antigua Financial Services Regulatory Commission (AFSR).


-The main industries are financial services, tourism, and real estate sales and development. Service industries, such as construction, hotel and restaurant operations, retail trades, and scuba diving and boat rentals are ancillary to the main industries.
-There are no direct taxes, no income tax, company or corporation tax, inheritance tax, capital gains or gift tax in the Cayman Islands.
-There are no property taxes or rates, and no controls on the foreign ownership of property and land.