Business License

Each company is issued a license depending on their business activity. While the license will be specific to the selected activities, a company can also apply for multiple licenses or for a general trading license.

Companies approved for operation in CARIFTZ, are granted one of the following types of licenses:

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Blockchain License
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Sharing Economy
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Sharing Economy
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Financial License
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Service License
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E-Commerce License
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Gambling License
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Offshore Registration

Application Process

1. Have you already registered a company in the CARIFTZ?
Submit Your Application
Complete the application form, pay the initial application fees and submit your application.
Due Diligence
We have an obligation to conduct due diligence on the applicant, which will be completely confidential.
After Due Diligence and Examination, Caribbean Free Trade Zone will issue your License, so you will be ready to do business in Caribbean Free Trade Zone.


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